Many speculate that to wield magic without hours of practice with tomes, you must carry the blood of genies.  You carry the power of one of these great entities in your veins.

At 1st level, you choose one type of genie as your ancestor. Once chosen, you cannot change it.  The kind of genie determines your element of affiliation. Also, any spell that deals an energy type of damage, deals your elemental type of energy damage instead.

Djinni : These are the genies of the winds and air.  Their powers extend to these elements.  Damage will be in the form of wind or lightning.
Efreet: As genies of fire, efreeti tend toward spells generating flame or heat.
Marid: These are the genies of the sea and water – energies of water and ice.
Dao: These are the genies of the earth, creating energy in the form of rock, earth, or sand. 

Elemental Affinity
Starting at 2nd level, when you cast a spell that deals damage of the type associated with your genie ancestry, you can add your Charisma modifier to one damage roll of that spell. At the same time, you can spend 1 sorcery point to gain resistance to that damage type for 1 hour.

In Your Native Element
At 6th level, you can spend 3 sorcery points to assume a semi-elemental form to move in and through your element up to a speed of 60': flying speed for air/fire ["heat/hot air rises"] or swim and/or surface speed [riding over waves of] for water/earth. While doing so, you are not damaged by your element (a fire sorcerer moving through a Wall of Fire, for example). The sorcerer is not impeded by difficult terrain of their element type and spells or other magical effects of the sorcerer's native element can neither reduce movement speed nor cause the sorcerer to be paralyzed or restrained. The sorcerer's movement or attacks are not impeded while in their element. This form/freedom of movement can be maintained up to one hour. You must complete a short rest before using this power again.

Elemental Storm
At 14th level, as a bonus action and with 5 sorcery points, you can invoke a surging maelstrom of your element type that conforms to the parameters of the Ice Storm spell, except it deals 5d10+Cha. mod. of damage type appropriate to your element: air: lightning and [wind] force; earth: bludegoning [rocks] and thunder; fire: fire; water: cold and bludgeoning [ice chunks, sleet or liquid water].

Energy Immunity
At 18th level, you can no longer be harmed by elemental damage of a type matching your element, as follows:
Air: Lightning immunity, resistance to Thunder.
Fire: Fire immunity, resistance to Cold.
Water: Cold immunity, resistance to Fire.

Earth: Thunder immunity, resistance to Lightning.

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