Trinkets of Fate

Roll once on the table to determine what you have found in your journeys so far
01 An empty ring that was once a genie prison – only residual magic.
02 A small jambiya charm that can grow into a full-sized jambiya
03 A miniature flying carpet 4”x6” that can rise 6” into the air
04 A 6” long piece of string that rises in the air like a snake when music is played.
05 A black mother of pearl comb
06 A coral tiara that glows very slightly when submerged
07 A stuffed Siamese kitten with wings
08 A small 2”x3” portrait of an efreet that generates warmth when light shines on it
09 A blue swirled scarf that always flaps lightly as if a breeze is blowing
10 A scroll of pedigree for Alia al Nisr, indicating she is the rightful heir of the Caliph
11 A miniature ship, rocking on waves as if in the sea, inside a bottle
12 A faded map that shows the outline of an island chain
13 One onyx hoop earring with odd engravings on it
14 A small obsidian knife
15 A small ruby that glows with an inner light
16 An old, dented brass lamp
17 An ivory needle, threaded with blood red silk thread
18 A small turtle figurine with a tiny island on its back
19 A small gold crown the size of a child’s head with an amber banana in the front
20 A bronze shaving bowl with an arcane symbol etched on the bottom
21 A purple fez with an intricate pattern embroidered around the edge
22 A glass prism that emits a white light when turned one way and a rainbow when turned the other
23 A paper packet filled with yellow powder
24 A single leather bracer etched with golden crescent moons
25 A topaz figurine of a cockatrice
26 A stained glass bottle filled with scented oil
27 A single velvet slipper
28 A crystal pendant shaped like a tear that is cold to the touch
29 A small, emerald scarab
30 A scroll with three riddles written thereon
31. A carved, lacquered belt buckle with the face of a naga
32 A brass doorknob in the shape of a conch shell
33 A gold filigree coffee cup
34 A tiny crystal bottle of sandalwood perfume
35 One arm of an astrolabe with gems in the positions it would occupy
36 A silver salt cellar shaped like a bird
37 A small tapestry of an elaborate gate that stands closed
38 A small statuette of a beautiful girl with her hands over her eyes as if crying
39 A gold inlaid crab shell helmet
40 A 12 inch long gold feather
41 A tiny marble castle inside a green glass bottle
42 A brass scorpion with a wind-up key
43 A scarlet sash with copper embroidery
44 A mithril key on a blue satin cord
45 A book titled “Proper Etiquette When Dealing with Genies”
46 A shark’s tooth with a scrimshaw boat etched on it
47 A silk veil with a lotus embroidered in one corner
48 A prayer book made of thin ivory plates etched in charcoal
49 A date bag embroidered with silver filigree vines
50 A waterskin covered in translucent scales
51 A mother of pearl jewelry box filled with human teeth
52 A lacquered tribal mask decorated with wasps and drums
53 A clay jar sealed with wax, decorated with shooting stars
54 A yak’s horn, hollowed into an instrument, painted with runes
55 A serving platter crafter from a lacquered giant’s fingernail
56 A red-plumed arrow with a tip carved from bone
57 A necklace with a gem shaped like a serpent’s eye
58 A cobalt blue bottle
59 Three tiny tree toads carved from volcanic rock and painted with native plants
60 A clay tablet with a single glyph etched into its surface
61 A brass figurine of a monkey
62 A crudely fashioned holy symbol made from rags, twigs, and hair tied with twine
63 One adamantium claw as from a weapon
64 A white stone figurine of a human-headed serpent
65 A monkey’s paw clasped in a fist with one finger extended
66 A small jade key, wrapped in ivory silk
67 A small locked, polished mahogany box
68 A peacock feather ceremonial headdress
69 The head of a small statuette
70 A single iron horseshoe that glows with an eerie green glow
71 A single skeletal hand clasped around a chalice
72 A sandstone tetrahedron, precisely carved
73 A marble with a cloudy, shifting surface
74 A shred of cloth woven with feathers
75 A teak belaying pin
76 A quartz spindle that glows from within
77 A glass bead that looks like a human eye
78 A hookah with a pale vapor that perpetually wafts from it
79 A crimson quill that is very warm to the touch
80 A sandalwood snuffbox containing ashes
81 A rainbow iridescent fish scale as big as a thumb
82 A crystal ink well filled with blood
83 A small human figurine covered with tattoos
84 An olive wood incense case
85 A basket woven from white translucent reeds
86 A green linen turban that wraps itself properly on the wearer
87 A minute glass where the sand perpetually ripples
88 A minifying glass – objects look smaller when gazed through it
89 A star map for an unfamiliar sky with unknown constellations
90 A small spyglass that always shows an image of the same mountain shrouded in mist
91 A tattered, dirty headscarf
92 A small glass orb with a waterfall within, perpetually flowing
93 A miniature cactus in a pot
94 A torn journal with the name Efrazekiel written in a jagged script on the inside cover
95 A two-headed coin from a faraway land
96 A brass wind-up firestarter
97 A clockwork beetle that scurries around when wound
98 A tiny pair of cymbals as if for a toy
99 A miniature pagoda tent no bigger that your hand
100 A hinged ring that is stuck closed

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